Sunflower Mammoth Russian

Sunflower Mammoth Russian

If you love Sunflower seeds fresh from the garden -- or if you'd like to attract the birds that feast on these delectable treats -- Russian Mammoth is the Sunflower you MUST grow. Not only are the seeds delicious, but the flowers are lovely, reaching up to 14 inches wide!

Russian Mammoth is an heirloom variety, and we are proud to make it available in Certified Organic seed form. This plant reaches 8 to 10 feet tall, just right for leaning against (and over!) a fence or wall, its huge yellow-petaled faces nodding cheerfully. Its blooms reach anywhere from 8 to 14 inches wide, each boasting a huge brown-black center stuffed with seeds.

This is a very heat- and drought-resistant variety, having stood the test of time for generations. You will love the ease with which is grows and blooms. And you'll also love the nutrition found in every seed. Did you know that sunflower seeds are 24% protein -- richer in that mineral than any other food except egg yolks and liver? And it also contains other minerals, vitamins, and essential acids. Talk about a healthy snack

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