Miracle-Gro Sea Compost Organic Soil Enricher

Miracle-Gro Sea Compost Organic Soil Enricher

  • $14.99

With Miracle-Gro® Sea Compost, achieving healthy soil is easy sailing! This organic compost contains seaweed, which stimulates plant growth and increases water retention in sandy soils. Plus, it contains shellfish--a great source of calcium that helps promote stronger cell walls for healthier plants.


Amend with existing soil. For vegetable gardens or flower beds, mix in Miracle-Gro® Sea Compost 0.11-0.10-0.12 into the existing soil every Spring. For planting new flower beds, mix in 1 part Miracle-Gro® Sea Compost 0.11-0.10-0.12 and 3 parts soil.


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