Rapidgrow Flower Fertilizer 1.7kg

Rapidgrow Flower Fertilizer 1.7kg

Granular flowers fertilizer specially formulated with iron & magnesium for greener foliage.

Magnificent flowering
Easy to apply granular formulation

New plants

Choose a well drained area
Dig a hole twice as big as the root ball. For optimal results, combine with MYKE® Growth Supplement.
Mix the RAPIDGROWTM fertilizer with the first 15 cm (6 in) of top soil. Apply 120 ml (8 tbsp)
of fertilizer for every 1 m2 (11 ft2) of top soil.
Plant with root ball intact at the same depth as original planting.
Fill with soil, keeping the fertilized part for the top.
Eliminate air pockets and pack soil firmly around roots.
Water thoroughly.

Established plants

Apply twice: in early spring and immediately after flowering.
In a circular manner around each plant, apply 30 ml (2 tbsp)
of RAPIDGROWTM fertilizer for every 30 cm (12 in) of plant. Avoid fertilizing near the plant’s stem.
Water thoroughly.

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