Phlizon CREE COB LED 1000W

Phlizon`s COB series Grow Light emits all the wavelengths of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants to create.Best full Spectrum designed to perfectly match large areas of indoor plants, especially for Medical Plant.One of our customer feedback,Phlizon full spectrum COB LED Grow Lights are very similar to the Optic LED lights, but they cost less and give you more output.

Phlizon 1000/2000/3000 watt full spectrum COB LED Grow Light, it will give you more options when your plants need different strength of illumination.


Indoor grow light

COB lens series, high power branded CREE COB with high Par value and deeper penetration

VEG/BLOOM and STRONGER switches for each grow stage.

Special spectrum for plant growing to increase the yield.

Building to Harvest: Beneficial for seeding to fruiting stage.

Good quality fans with low noise.

Easy to install by minute.Energy Saving, environmental friendly

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