Bug-Scan Sticky Traps Blue for Thrips/Leafminer 10 Pack

Bug-Scan Sticky Traps Blue for Thrips/Leafminer 10 Pack

Usually, thrips are already present in a crop before they are detected on sticky traps. The use of ThriPher in combination with the blue Bug-Scan® sticky traps allows the detection of thrips at an early stage.

ThriPher lures contain a sexual aggregation pheromone to attract both male and female adult western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis). The pheromone attracts two to three times as many thrips to the sticky trap as compared to using the sticky trap alone, which leads to an earlier detection.

Thipher also act to lure thrips from their shelters to the leaves, increasing their exposure to natural enemies or chemical crop protection products and enabling a more efficient thrips control.

Place the ThriPher lure in one of the holes of the blue Bug-Scan® sticky trap. Or place them in the CO2 dosing system prior to a pesticide treatment.

Pack of 10 traps.

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