10 Most Common Hydroponics Pests & Diseases And How To Fight Them!

Growing plants in your own hydroponic garden is hard enough as it is… After all, you have to pick the right nutrients. You have to get your water right. And you might even have to build your entire grow room from scratch. After all that hard work, when your plants finally start growing you may think you’ve made it because it looks like it’s all downhill from here. That’s when “disaster” can strike.   You Are Under Attack! You are now in a war against an army of insurgents struggling for dominion over your grow room. Your enemy? Pests & Diseases. Hey, we’ve all been...

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What’s A Mother Plant?

A mother plant is a plant from which a grower cuts clones, which are new plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant. To create a clone, the grower cuts a branch from the mother plant and places it in a substrate, where it develops roots of its own. Eventually, if the cuttings and their new roots are kept in an environment where they receive the right amount of light and nutrients to continue developing, then the clones become their own fully developed plants. A mother plant has one job: To provide healthy branches for you to cut and...

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